Tuesday, November 17, 2009

FREE ways to help kids with AIDS

Hi, everyone,

There are two ways you can help raise funds for children with AIDS, at NO cost to you, and taking only 30 seconds of your time. The first is to click here and do a search for American Foundation for Children with AIDS. Then, vote. That is all you have to do. Well, then, please tell EVERYONE you know about this and ask them to vote. We have a chance at winning $25k for our kids…please help us. You only vote once during the first round of this competition, so it is really simple. This round ends on December 11th. Tell EVERYONE you know, especially your friends on Facebook. You can scroll to the bottom of the page and post the challenge information directly on your FB wall. Easy!

The other way for you to help is to vote every day (or as many times as you can) from now until February 28th at Good Earth. There, we are competing for $10,000. And, again, no money out from you and no need to receive spam mail from the donor. Good, huh?

Help us win, friends!


Monday, November 16, 2009

A Huge Success in Charlotte!

Two weekends ago, AFCA hosted Climb Up in Charlotte. 250 people attended and $6000 was raised for the kids!

The Neighborhood Theatre hosted a relaxing evening with 2 wineries and 15 restaurants who provided tastings, while Saturday was an exciting day of yoga classes, massages, climbing, and good food at Inner Peaks. The auction on Friday night gave away a signed BB King guitar, Osprey backpacks, Parrot Cay three day stay for two, African place settings, a hand knitted doll, Bronwen jewelry, a drawing by Charles Shultz, Aretha franklin album cover, and much more.

We want to take some time to thank all the people involved:
The Neighborhood Theatre
Inner Peaks
Daniel McCall
Jessa Goebel
Arno Ilgner
Patrick Weaver
Debi Hawkins-McLendon
Pip Gregson
Kelly Haas
Dr. Michelle Murphy-Singleton
Fauna Gibson
Lindsay Riggsbee
Caroline Calouche & Co.
Mountain Khakis

Thank you so much to everyone who helped make Charlotte a big success. You've helped to change the lives of children!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Changing the Present

AFCA is now part of this amazing website called Changing the Present. Instead of giving your family generic gifts like bath soaps or funny socks, you can give a gift that saves lives. It could be 3 meals a day for a hungry child, medication, clean water, etc. AFCA has a ton of gifts to help children in Africa. $1 can buy a day's worth of meals for a child and $30 can pay for a whole month of medicine! This is a great idea if your stuck on what to get your friends and family this holiday season. It's made me rethink the scented candle for Grandma and the (inevitably) ugly tie for Dad. I can change lives through Christmas presents...who knew?

Check it out and change a life!


Monday, November 2, 2009

Climp Up in Charlotte is Coming!

Climb Up in Charlotte will have tons of exciting events! November 6th will be the debut of “A Taste in NoDa”, an evening of music, food and wine tasting, and an auction at the Neighborhood Theatre in the North Davidson St. Arts District of Charlotte. Restaurants from NoDa and surrounding areas will provide sample tastings, along with wine samples from local wineries. There will be live music to accompany the auction, which will feature prizes such as a three night VIP Napa Valley tour, Ritz Carlton Caribbean or Mexico trip with airfare, a Hot Air Balloon Ride, and a signed baseball by Barack Obama. Doors open with food service at 6pm, music from 7pm-12pm, and the auction going from 7-10pm. Tickets will be available at the door and all proceeds go towards saving children in Africa.

The main host of the event is the Inner Peaks Climbing Center for a day of fun climbing and exercise activities. Classes offered include an introductory climbing class, climbing training, Warrior’s Way Espresso Mental Fitness class, yoga, dance, and self rescue classes. They will also offer other services such as massages, chiropractic assessments, a youth climbing competition, an adult climbing competition, and raffles.

Join us in Charlotte to help the kids!!

For more information, please visit www.climbupsokidscangrowup.com