Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Our Kids Still Need Us, and We Still Need You

All of our hearts are breaking for Haiti, and rightfully so. But please don't forget our own children who equally need all the help they can get, just to survive, every single day. Please keep your hearts open and continue to help children with AIDS to receive life-saving medicine and emergency supplies.

American Foundation for Children with AIDS has been blessed by the generous donations, large and small, by so many of you over the years. We, especially the kids, are so grateful and hope that you will continue to give what you can to help us keep these children alive and healthy. Without you, we couldn't do what we do.

You can make a donation online to give toward getting medical supplies where they're most needed. Or, if you have other items you wish to donate, you can bring them to us. We always need:
  • wheelchairs - pediatric and adult
  • blankets and sheets
  • toys for the kids are always appreciated
A full list of medical supplies and other things we need is available on our website.

On behalf of the kids, THANK YOU!

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