Wednesday, June 8, 2011


            HIV in Kenya first began to spread through its sex workers (mainly in Nairobi). Presently, women are disproportionately affected with prevalence rates nearly twice that of males. Kenya was accused of not initially responding as aggressively to the HIV problem as its neighbor country, Uganda. However, since 2000 Kenya has made significant strides in prevention and care. Prevalence has decreased from its peak rate of 13.4% in 2000 to 6.9% as of 2006. Around 20,000 children are reported as HIV+ each year in Kenya which is decreased from the rate in 2000 at around 40,000. However, according to the Kenyan newspaper Business Daily, these figures are not accurate and many more children are infected but not reported ( This lack of information has hindered the ability to implement effective pediatric programs according to the article. Additionally, Kenya has a very low number of pediatricians that are mostly concentrated in urban areas which poses major problems for children living in rural areas to get treatment.
On a related note: the UN is currently holding a High Level Meeting on AIDS and First Ladies from around the world have put forth pediatric AIDS and gender inequality as top priorities. I will be following the UN meeting and writing more on the issues that are presented and focused on. If you would like to read more on it as well you can go to   

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