Saturday, April 18, 2009

From the Field - Uganda

(Note from Linda, who is representing AFCA during an annual visit to our partners in Africa this year). This morning Mary and I had AFCA business to attend to. Our first visiti was to Mulago Hospital and The Pediatric Infectious Disease Clinic of Mulago Hospital (PIDC). The driving force of this clinic is Dr. Addy a spitfire of an woman with drive, energy and love of work that shows in all who are affiliated with her. In 2004 when Mary first came in contact with Dr. Addy she was running an AIDS clinic in 2 rooms where she was seeing up to 200 patients a day and did all the charting and follow up from these 2 rooms. I now met her for the first time in a lovely modern building that was donated by Bayer, Myers, Squibb. The clinic would rival any in the USA. They have a wonderful complete staff of doctors, nurses, counselors, pharmacy technicians and laboratory assistances. They have a good medical records department and were in the process of updating their IT department. The clinic and hospital has a new modern computer and generator.

AFCA has been delivering large cartons of supplies and medicines to PIDC each year since their inception. Syringes, bandaging supplies, absorbent pads, wheel chairs, beds, bed linens, and the list goes on and on. The impact of these supplies is amazing. They even supplied a laparoscope. This scope is one of only a couple in the entire country. AFCA provided $6.7 million worth of ARV’s (anti-retroviral drugs) for PIDC in 2008 alone. The last shipment of medical supplies to PIDC in November 2008 was distributed to three hospitals and adjoining clinics. It was a huge impact to those who have nothing.

It was an amazing experience and remarkable to know what Dr. Addy has been able to accomplish in just 5 years. We feel privileged to be able to witness these great accomplishments and to facilitate the continued work that she and her staff do.

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