Thursday, September 16, 2010

Right from the Core... Wishing we Could do More

Today was a day of shedding.... shedding our preconceptions, perceptions and insecurities. 
We visited the homes of four of our clinic patients today, as part of the Home Visitation Program. And you'll see that the word "home" is used in the most generous sense...these we little more than mud, corrugated metal, dirt and string.

At its most basic level, this was about showing another family that we cared.... extending hand for hand, looking eye to eye and open heart for a needy heart.

There was Lucas - father of two - with ill child and wife, who prayed for us as we entered his home and as we left. Mariam gave us the perspective of the care-giving grandmother, with stories about how the ARV medication saved her grand-daughter's life.

All this we learned and experienced while treking through dirt, sewage, goats, chickens and filth. But each time we landed on a doormat, we were greeted with warmth, "karibu sana" (warm welcome), genuine thanks... showing us that common dignity prevails.

And this dignitiy of humanity persists regardless of circumstance.

I am a better person today. 



Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing your experiences and for all you are doing!

Anonymous said...

Good for you. I imagine you are having a very eye-opening trip.

CanPharm said...

People are very poor such that they don’t have proper homes. And they have made their homes with the mud and other dirt. They need to be improved well.