Tuesday, September 14, 2010

We Paint... and We Paint... and We Paint Some More

They say that beauty comes from within. This clinic in Mikindani has done some of its most beautiful work withiin its four walls.... treating those with little to no options related to HIV/AIDS, TB and a host of other infections. But this institution now needs a makeover of its own, so we embarked on a painting project this morning that would give back to this building some of the same shine that we find on the inside.

"Pole" (slow) is a word you come to appreciate and use quite a bit in Kenya.... but "pole sana" (very slow) is gernally the more apropos term. Took a while to get the troops all set up and ready to work this morning, but we quickly came together and put our minds to the one task of giving this old lady (our medicial centre) her day at the spa.

Some children and mothers waiting in queue for treatment or counseling were also introduced to our friendship bracelets. They say a smile is worth a thousand words... what they don't say is that it's worth 10 million shillings to these children in Kenya :-)

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